Fat Rat Is Freed By Firefighters After Getting Stuck In A Manhole

Firefighters rescue a rat stuck in a manhole cover a week ago in Germany- Out of fear, the rodent attempted to bit one of his rescuers

Being a firefighter is an extremely responsible job, and it does not include fighting fires only. These brave and determined people are prepared to help whenever someone has gotten into trouble.

About a week ago, in Germany, a fire brigade of volunteers saved a rat stuck in a hole in a manhole cover. They arrived in Steubenstrasse in Bad Kreuznach, Rhineland-Palatinate around 4.45pm.

When they tried to rescue him, the rodent bit into the gloves of one of his rescuers, and thus hurt his tooth and it started to bleed.

  • About a week ago, a volunteer fire brigade rescued a rat stuck in a manhole cover in Bad Kreuznach, Rhineland-Palatinate

The rescuers had to lift the manhole cover and pushed the rodent from below with the help of a wooden wedge. The dramatic rescue lasted less than an hour, and the rat fell into an animal rescue box which was put under the cover.

The rodent was then taken to the vet, where it has been fed and given some medicine to ease the pain and calm him.

After the rescue mission, the Freiwillige Feuerwehr Bad Kreuznach volunteer fire brigade posted a photo of the rescue to their Facebook page, and locals expressed their gratitude for the “kindness and compassion” of the firefighters.

  • In February 2019, nine firefighters rescued a distressed rat, stuck in a drain cover, in Bensheim, Germany

Last year, in February 2019, a fat rodent was also spotted stuck in a drain cover in Bensheim, Germany, and nine firefighters had to make an effort to save him. When they arrived at the scene, they saw the unlucky animal squirming and crying in the cover, making desperate efforts to free itself.

One of the firefighters used an animal capture noose to hold the rat firmly as the others lifted the cover with crowbars. They eventually managed to free the poor rodent by wedging the manhole cover and pushing the rat through.

Source: metro.co.uk