Fairy Princesses And Mermaid Queens Have Been Waiting For These Fishnet Stockings

All those who love fishnet, sparking details, and tend to have a unique style will be delighted to learn that there is an Etsy store that specializes in the most spectacular embellished fishnets that will become one of your favorites!

The shop is called Lirika Matoshi, after its owner, and it offers various kinds of incredible items. Matoshi and the manager, Ledri Mahmuti, have created a business that has revolutionized fishnet!

Matoshi launched her namesake line of handmade accessories in 2016, at the age of 20, after moving to New York City. She initially began handcrafting choker necklaces on Etsy, but her Instagram photos of her hand-embellished tights, glittery dresses and socks, and intricate crystal-covered blouses, helped her gain popularity.

She has no formal fashion school training, but she was inspired by her fashion designer sister, Teuta Matoshi Duriqi, and learned firsthand the art of fashion design techniques and how to source luxury fabrics and embellishments.

Nowadays, Lirika Matoshi has expanded to include various apparel and accessories. The brand opened a pop-up in summer 2018 and its midtown showroom displays all current products.

It has a wide-ranging celebrity following, and over 300k followers on Instagram.

According to their website, the Lirika Matoshi womenswear label is both, effortlessly romantic and intrinsically sophisticated, adding a hint of sparkle to any everyday outfit.

Her fishnet stockings are especially popular. Lirika uses fishnet tights as her base and adds glass stones, beads, and fake flowers to create pieces of clothing designed for all modern princesses and mermaids out there, who live in a special, sparkling world of their own.

Each of the works is unique and handmade, so you can understand why everyone falls in love with them!

Check out these breathtaking fishnet tights and choose your best-loved design!

You’ll love these blue floral designed tights adorned with a little sparkle!

A cute little dragonfly on this delicate design.

Gorgeous beading and fascinating dark green color.

If you are indecisive about the color, you can have them all with these bright eye-catching floral tights.

Each bead and flower is hand-sewn in place!

Feel like Poison Ivy with these divinely green pair of fishnet tights!

Get prepared for some sunshine!

If you prefer them a bit darker, these Navy and Black tights are your thing!

Everyone loves these fairy-inspired starry tights!

Get these iridescent floral tights to make a statement.

What do you think of these opalescent garden tights?

How about these torn-look tights?

An incredible pair of celestial fishnet tights!

Bejeweled ladybug beetle! Amazing!