Exercise And Wash Your Clothes With This Amazing Eco-Friendly Bicycle

Very often, cleaning up your home takes all your free time during the day, and the to-do list simply seems endless.  Moreover, most people claim that they do not exercise regularly just because they lack time.

These things stimulated a group of Chinese students to invent a bike washing machine, that will keep you fit while you complete your mundane household tasks, and at the same time, save the planet!

Isn’t this brilliant?  Now, you can do your laundry and exercise together!

The Bike Washing Machine (or BiWa, as the students have dubbed it) is a human-powered washing machine that stimulates one to multitask and conserve water while working on the body shape in a fun, efficient way. The innovative bike, was designed by students at Dalian Nationalities University in China, but still hasn’t hit the markets.

Namely, the pedals of this stationary bike spin and rotate the front wheel, which is a clothing drum. The extra energy created during the workout will power the display screen and monitor the wash cycles process.

You will also conserve water, and thus save money in an eco-friendly way. This bike is ideal for all ages and everyone will surely enjoy burning off the energy while doing the washing.  Now, we are left to wait and see if these Chinese students will be able to successfully bring this concept to market, as it will definitely become a huge hit.

So, make sure you purchase one of these amazing bikes as soon as they are available, and it will free up extra time during the day, and stimulate you to exercise regularly while completing the boring household chores.

Source: www.trueactivist.com