Even The Strongest Person Gets Tired Of Being Strong And Needs A Break

Hard times create strong people, and difficulties and challenges in life reveal the heroes within us. If you are a strong person, you should be proud of it.

Strong people are the ones that encourage others to keep trying until they succeed, they solve problems with a smile on their face, they never give up, and they are doing their best to help everyone.

Yet, being strong is not the most rewarding job in the world.

What does it look like to be strong? Don’t strong people have feelings? Don’t they need to feel loved, listened to, or comforted?

These people are true warriors, and due to their determined attitude in life, we often forget they are just like the rest of us, as human as we all are.

Even the strongest person you know can grow tired of being brave and resilient all the time. Knowing that everyone expects you to be able to do anything, and never to say No, is highly exhausting.

Just because they are empathetic and tough doesn’t mean they do not grow tired of saving everyone else but themselves. It can be extremely demanding to be the sole person that everyone counts on, and it gets worse when they do not have anyone to rely on when they really need to.

Even the strongest person you know in life craves for affection and love, fears of rejection, and need to be “rescued” at times. They might look bulletproof on the outside, but they’re just like everyone else.

Even these people can sometimes break down, after having had enough of everyone and everything, often forgetting about their own needs.

They too are made of blood and flesh and need a break, need to be taken care of and need to show their vulnerable, emotional, soft, and fragile side. Strength is not sometimes we are born with, so strong people learn it the hard way, through numerous life lessons and obstacles.

Remember, life has taught these survivors to be independent and strong, but they need to feel they have someone to count on when they are worn out too.