Ethereal Portraits Highlight The Unique Beauty Of A Girl With Albinism And Heterochromia

We are all beautiful, all in our own, unique ways. Sometimes, being different from the majority is the biggest advantage in life, even though many do not understand the magic of diversity.

When Chechen photographer, Amina Arsakova, saw a picture of an 11-year-old girl, Amina Ependieva, in a shopping center, she was fascinated by her beauty! The little girl has two rare genetic skin conditions, albinism, and heterochromia.

Albinism is a genetic condition, when the body does not produce enough melanin, and it can affect the hair, skin, and eyes.

Heterochromia is another pigmentation disorder, concentrated in the eyes, which colors the iris of the eyes in two different colors.

It can be partial, central, and complete. Most children born with it don’t experience any other symptoms or eye-related problems.

Ependieva was born in Grozny, Chechnya, Russia on December 11, 2008, and she is well known for her heavenly beauty there- white-blonde hair, pale skin, and one brown, and another blue eye.


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Some netizens are also claiming Amina to be from Kurchaloy, a small town in Chechnya.


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Arsakova immediately wanted a photoshoot with the girl, but she found it difficult to reach her. Yet, she eventually found the phone number of her mother, and they scheduled a session with her.


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Мои поиски прекрасного в очередной раз увенчались успехом 💔

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She described Amina as “a very nice and calm girl,” and explained that she was very calm during the photo shoot, and her calmness is reflected in the photos. The background is neutral, and she is seated.

In January 2020, Arsakova posted the photos of the striking girl on her Instagram profile, informing her followers that her “search for the beauty has once again succeeded.”

They immediately went viral on Russian social media, with people praising the unusual look of the girl. Some even accused the photographer of using Photoshop to artificially create the combination of albinism and heterochromia.

As the girl does not have any social media profiles yet, it is not easy to verify these claims, but Instagram users who explain they are from the girl’s hometown state that they know her personally and add that she is even more beautiful in real life.

Arsakova hopes to have another opportunity to work with the mesmerizing little beauty!

We are officially charmed!