Eliminate Head Lice With This Simple, Safe and Natural Remedy

A lot of parents, the head louse is actually the most despicable aspect of their lives. This little, wingless creepy creature exists on human hairs and nourishes on small measures of blood taken from the scalp. Despite the fact that this may sound totally nauseating, lice have a tendency to be a typical issue among school kids. Even young ladies get head lice more regularly than young men, both can be tormented by the parasite.

Granted, lice won’t spread a cluster of infections around, and they aren’t risky, yet that doesn’t mean you need them staying nearby your home. Then again, they are infectious and to a great degree exasperating. A single bit can result in your child itching or cause skin infection. On the off chance that your kid constantly itches, it can result in disease and skin disturbance. No one wants to see their child suffering from lice.


In the event that you are sick of using several dollars on lice cleanser, and not getting the results you seek, there is an option. Not so long ago, we were managing the feared head louse. With two young ladies at home who have long hair, we were investing more than $100 each time we needed to treat them. While we were doing our part, different parents in school weren’t doing theirs.

In the wake of investing hours managing medications, brushing and checking their hair, we chose there must be something better out there to treat it. In the event that you are worn out on using a fortune on head lice shampoos and you need a healthier option, give the information underneath a shot. You will be happy you did.

Pick the following supplies:

  • Listerine mouthwash (off-brands work just fine as well)
  • White vinegar
  • Shower cap or plastic bags from the grocery store
  • A couple towels
  • Shampoo
  • Lice comb

Simple how-to instructions:

Despite the fact that they don’t prescribe utilizing the blue or green mouthwash on blondes, we did that anyway, and didn’t come across any problems. Drench your kid’s head with as much Listerine as required to totally wet their head. When their head is totally doused, assemble their hair and put a plastic basic supply pack, or shower cap over it and let it stay that way for 60 minutes.

We’ve recently used a couple of grocery bags to keep the wetness in and set a towel around their shoulders. Kids can play and do whatever you like. Simply make a point to create a tight seal around their scalp to keep the lice in.

After the appropriate amount of time, precisely take away the bags. You may be astounded at what number of dead head lice are in the bags. This isn’t a pleasant sight for the eyes, but it’s definitely working.

Cautiously wash the mouthwash from their hair. Soak their head with the white vinegar. Reapply the bags once more. Give it a chance to sit for an alternate hour. Then, take the bags cautiously. Remove the vinegar from their hair. Use shampoo as typical.

When done, brush their hair using the lice brush. The vinegar serves to release the glue on the eggs, so that way you can brush them out without much of a stretch.

The Listerine smell will keep them away. Lice particularly dislike the scent of spearmint, so you can put a bit of Listerine in a splash container with some water and spray your kid’s hair before they go to school.

Indeed, you may use a couple of hours doing the whole treatment, however you aren’t pushing a pack of harsh chemicals into your kid’s circulatory system. Better believe it, the majority of that lice medication goes straight through the scalp and into their system. So, it’s not something we were eager to manage.

This solid, safe option is only worth a couple of dollars, but the results are great and last for some time.  After one treatment, we’ve never had lice again. A little spearmint/water combo each morning was all it took to keep them away. Your children will be secured, as well as their hair will be smooth, gleaming and it will smell incredibly. Try it out; it won’t let you down.

Source: Underground Health