Elderberry – The Most Antiviral Fruit Known to Man

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Colds and flu make us go to the nearest pharmacy or consult our doctor. However, medications only mask or treat the symptoms, but never eliminate the virus. Our immune system has the ability to do that. Viruses are small infectious agents and they replicate inside the body. They lead to diseases if the immune system fails to destroy the virus.


Immunity struggles to keep any threat away from our organism. People usually do not realize that their body hosts viruses that do not develop diseases, because the immune system neutralizes the viruses before it replicates or causes any symptoms.

Maintaining a strong immune system is the most effective way to avoid disease caused by viruses or other infectious agents.

Elderberries are the best option when your immune system fails

If the immune system fails, use natural remedies to fight viruses, and one natural remedy is especially effective in doing so. You can use different natural remedies, foods and other methods to enhance your immune function, but elderberries are especially efficient in boosting your immunity.

Elderberries have strong antioxidant properties, and in folk medicine they have been used for centuries. People use elderberries to treat colds, influenza, wounds (when applied topically), and they are effective even in the treatment of herpes simplex virus.

In 2001, the US National Library of Medicine published a study, stating that elderberry extracts are “natural remedies with antiviral properties, especially against different strains of influenza virus.

” In 2004, NLM published another study which showed that elderberries reduce the duration of flu symptoms: “Symptoms were relieved on average four days earlier and use of rescue medication was significantly less in those receiving elderberry extract compared with placebo.”

The University of Maryland Medical Center wrote “Elderberry may have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anticancer properties” and “one study suggested that elderberry could kill the H1N1 virus.”

What makes elderberries that effective?

Black elderberries have a specific compound that coats viruses and stops them from penetrating and infecting healthy cells, but science cannot pinpoint the exact reason natural remedies work as good as they do. Certain unknown molecules in nature work in mysterious ways inside the body.

Science cannot identify human body and its amazing abilities to overcome diseases. Both body and mind are mysteriously complex and this complexity works especially good with nature in an unaltered form. Next time you deal with cold or flu do not run to the nearest drugstore, but make a nice black elderberry elixir and you will soon feel much better.

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