Eggplant – Delicious Natural Cure

Eggplants are cultivated everywhere and they are considered to be one of the healthiest vegetables. It is actually quite easy to grow eggplants, because they can easily adapt to almost every climate condition.

Powerful Antioxidant

Eggplants contain phytonutrients, which give their distinctive purple color. This vegetable can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, some types of cancer and heart attack. It can also prevent DNA damages and slow the aging process.

Prevents Cancer

Researchers confirmed that eggplants have great antioxidant effect. A research showed that it stops the flow of blood and nutrients in the cancer cells and thus significantly slows the growth of cancer.

Protects The Brain

Many studies involving laboratory mice prove that eggplant can protect brain cells from the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals can increase the risk of cancer and memory problems.

Low Glycemic Index

Eggplant has low glycemic index, meaning it does not make any fast changes in the blood sugar level. You can freely consume it everyday, and it is especially recommended for diabetics, because it can reduce the blood cholesterol.

Helps You Lose Weight

Eggplant is a low calorie vegetable which makes it an excellent food for those who are trying to lose some weight. It is an excellent source of fiber, and will keep you full for longer. Eggplants contain a lot of water and thus hydrate the body.

Small Amounts of Carbohydrates And Fat

Eggplants are poor in carbohydrates and fat, but remember that when you add oil, cheese or eggs, it is no longer a low calorie dish. If you do need to lose those extra pounds, carefully choose the products you combine with this vegetable.

Reduces Chronic Inflammation in The Body

Taking in consider eggplants contain powerful antioxidants, this vegetable helps in reducing chronic inflammation and relieves arthritis symptoms.

Reduces Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure

Laboratory experiments have shown that eggplant juice significantly reduces blood cholesterol and relaxes the arteries, meaning it reduces high blood pressure at the same time.

Excellent Source of Iron

Iron is important for every body function, but too much iron can affect high cholesterol and make your joints swell. Eggplants provide enough iron for your body without the risk of harming any body function.