Eat Cucumbers And Heal Yourself – 14 Superb Health Benefits of Cucumbers

Helps in digestion and weight loss -- Cucumbers contain large amounts of water and not much calories which is why they are an ideal choice for people who try to lose some weight. Eat cucumbers with your soup and salad and pounds will start melting right away.

Removes dark circles under your eyes -- If you have this problem, use some cucumber slices, because it has the power to remove any dark circles and reduce the bags under your eyes.


Protects against cancer -- It is well known that cucumbers contain a compound able to reduce the risk of several cancer types, including ovarian, breast and uterine cancer.

Cures diabetes, reduces cholesterol level and regulates blood pressure -- Cucumber juice contains a hormone necessary for the production of insulin, and it is also efficient in reducing cholesterol level and regulating blood pressure, because it contains fiber, potassium and magnesium.

Fresh mouth -- Cucumbers also freshen mouth and cure different diseases of the oral cavity. Put a cucumber piece in your mouth and press it using your tongue towards the gums. Keep it that wait for half a minute and it will kill all the bacteria responsible for bad breath.

Renews skin and nails -- Thanks to the silica found in cucumbers, your hair and nails will be shiny and strong. Silica also stimulates hair growth.

Protects health, alleviates arthritis -- As an excellent source of silica, cucumbers protect health by strengthening the connective tissue. Mixed with some carrot juice, it can relieve the pain in patients diagnosed with arthritis, since it reduces urinary acids.

Stops hangover -- If you are trying to avoid morning hangover and headache, eat some cucumber. It contains enough vitamin B, sugar and electrolytes, which will reduce morning sickness.

Protects kidneys -- Cucumber reduces the urinary acids in the body and in this way it keeps kidneys healthy.