Early Symptoms of Kidney Disease and How to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

How to prevent kidney disease and strengthen your kidneys?

Kidney disease is a serious health condition,for it means that one of the major and vital bodily functions is impaired, and that would certainly lead to a growing number of health complications.

So, prevention is the best remedy, since kidney damages cannot be undone! This means that you should make some changes in your diet and your lifestyle, in general, to reduce the risk of kidney damage.

Changes in nutrition

  1. You should maintain a healthy, balanced diet, low in cholesterol and saturated fat.
  2. Starving yourself in order to lose weight is absolutely not recommended, so sufficient calorie intake is essential for kidney health.
  3. Reduce the amount of sodium you ingest. Keep your salt and potassium intake at a low level.
  4. Your shopping list should start with watermelons, apples and berries.
  5. Excessive protein intake is harmful for the kidneys, so you should maintain a low protein diet.
  6. Drink around 8 glasses of liquid, preferably water, every day, for proper hydration is of major importance.

Lifestyle changes

  1. You should keep your blood pressure balanced (around 130/80), since that is of vital importance, for proper kidney function is largely dependent on normal blood pressure.
  2. In case you have a deficiency of calcium and vitamin D, you should take supplements.
  3. Avoid taking painkillers and steroids as overuse of these can seriously damage your kidneys.
  4. Regular exercise is also very important. In that way, you will reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity and hypertension, and you will strengthen your muscles, which will positively influence your kidney health.
  5. Smoking and drinking severely compromise your kidney health, so you should avoid these harmful habits.

Source: www.healthtipsportal.com