Dubai Is Making Its Own Fake Rain To Beat 50C/122F Heat

Numerous countries around the world are struggling with the scorching temperatures that keep increasing every summer, but Dubai seems to have the genius solution!

Namely, Dubai creates “enhanced rain” to combat the 50C/122F temperature problem.

As a response to the hellish summer, the National Center of Meteorology from the United Arab Emirates city has started using drones that fire electrical charges into clouds, causing them to clump together and create precipitation.

The NCM has shared clips of monsoon-like rain drenching roads and igniting flashes of lightning.

‘Cloud-seeding’ has played a major role in creating more showers in the country, where there are usually only four inches annually.

Cloud seeding is one of 9 different rain-making inventions the country has been using since 2017.

Some of the other inventions include spraying salt or other chemical substances into clouds to force precipitation.

While some scientists suggest the efficacy of cloud seeding, studies have suggested that rainfall can be increased by as much as 35%.

The technique has also been used in countries like China and India.

It is also a solution to rainfall and potential flooding in places as seen in Jakarta, Indonesia, last year. 

Professor Maarten Ambaum, from the University of Reading – who has been working on one of the projects in the UAE – claims that the Emirates have had enough clouds to form conditions that allow for rain.

He maintains that the tech works ‘like dry hair to a comb’ since it uses a drone to send out electrical charges into the clouds, which helps the drops of water to mix and form precipitation.

He explained:

“When the drops merge and are big enough, they will fall as rain.”

Learn more from the video below: