Dr. Lu Hansen Reveals: How to Reduce High Blood Pressure in 5 Minutes Without Drugs

Every single person has experienced a rise of the blood pressure at some point in life.

Namely, this disease is common in the modern society and is linked to obesity, lack of sleep, stress, smoking, excess alcohol consumption and consumption of salty food.

To know how to treat this condition, we need to know how it is caused. Due to stress or an exhausting physical activity, the muscles strain, blood vessels constrict, and the pressure is increased.

Therefore, I order to treat this condition, we need to promote the relaxation of muscles.

Fortunately, there is a way! Lu Hansen, the doctor of the Moscow football club “Spartak” explained a natural way in which you can reduce high blood pressure, which is a part of the Chinese medicine.

Lu Hansen asserts that the most important thing in this situation is the proper blood flow. Namely, Chinese medicine declares it, as the proper blood flow to the muscles and tissues will help the blood pressure. A disease develops on areas where a stagnation of blood has occurred.

Hence, the proper blood flow in the body will effectively cure the disease.  Due to all this, massaging key points on the body can be of great help in curing treatments.

His method can help you solve this issue completely naturally, in 5 minutes:

Point No.1

This is more a line than a point, beginning from the ear lobe to the middle of the clavicle. You should not press it or massage it, but pamper it slowly and gently from one to another end. You should barely touch this line while doing so. This is should be done 10 times on both ears.

Point No. 2

It is positioned on part of the face, at the level of the earlobe, half a centimeter from the ear toward the nose.

Using your fingertips, you should massage this point for a minute on both sides of the face. You can massage it clockwise or counter- clockwise, you choose, and you should press hard, but not too much.


This simple treatment will definitely solve your high blood pressure issues!

Source: www.finelivingadvice.com