Donor Heart Dropped On Floor By Medic Moments After Helicopter Delivering It Crashes On The Hospital’s Roof

While carrying a donor heart, a chopper crashed on top of an LA hospital.

Even with appropriate precautions, even a relatively short domestic flight carries moderate risks. Yet, an accident that happened only recently is surely not something we hear about every now and then.

Unbelievable footage shows the moment the helicopter loses control, starts spinning, and veered toward the edge of the roof before landing on its side.

In the video, a person below can be heard shouting:

“Hey! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.”

Thankfully, the three people on board suffered no consequences and the donated heart was still intact – even though it was dropped on the ground.

The private helicopter crash-landed on the helipad of the Keck Hospital of the University of Southern California, as it came from San Diego to bring the life-saving delivery.

Apparently, the helicopter had to be opened with the ‘jaws of life‘ tool, or hydraulic rescue tools, to save the donor heart.

The rescue workers handed the organ to a medical worker, who promptly turned around and rushed inside the hospital. Yet, as he walked away from the crash scene, a medical officer was tripping and dropping it.

Luckily, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), the organ was safe and unharmed and it was delivered to the hospital.

A hospital spokesperson later explained that the heart was successfully transplanted into a patient a few hours after the crash.

It was explained that the helicopter’s blades smashed during the crash, and hospital staff said they felt it from inside the multi-story building.

Passersby outside went running after debris fell from the chopper. Javier Chamorro, 59, was waiting to pick up his kid in front of the building when the helicopter crashed.

He said:

“The building shook. I thought it was an earthquake.”

In the aftermath video, you can see the pilot as they take him away from the crashed chopper.

He was received in the hospital to be treated for small injuries, while the two people who were on board with him refused medical assistance, and escaped the terrifying rooftop crash uninjured.

 LAFD said:

“The aircraft is stable on its side, on the helipad. There does not appear to be a significant fuel leak. The donated organ that was being transported was safely retrieved by LAFD firefighters and handed over to USC-County Hospital staff.”

Reportedly, the National Transportation Safety Board investigates the incident. As Meg Aldrich of Keck Hospital concluded, this is actually “ an amazing story’!