Dog’s Reaction To Mom Bringing Home Newborn Baby From The Hospital

Dogs are our best friends, and the bond between a dog and its owner is special and too strong. Dogs always protect and defend their owners, and mourn when separated from them.

Some breeds, such as pit-bulls and German shepherds are known for such behavior. The breed Shiba Inu can be kind and sweet but are also known to be aggressive at times, especially when protecting their owner.

This is why some couples are often forced to decide between a baby and their loving dog, as it might hurt the newborn. These dogs are often left homeless or left in shelters.

However, dogs are extremely loyal, and if the family finds a suitable way to introduce the baby as part of the family, a dog will quickly get used to it and become its guardian, as it has an instinct to protect its family when vulnerable or in trouble.

Therefore, some people would not compromise and decide to give the dog a chance and see its reaction when the baby is brought home.

A new mom was also worried about her Shibu Inu dog and her baby, as she didn’t want to separate from her family dog. She read lots of blogs and made intensive research, and even though even researchers maintained that everything will be alright, she was still uneasy.

Yet, when they brought the baby home, the dog was initially skeptical and sniffed around it, so the mother kept watching them to make sure nothing wrong will happen.

But after a while, the dog became gentle and sweet, lifted his paw and placed it gently on the baby’s hand.

Also, he started rocking the crib back and forth to soothe the baby.

It understood that the baby was the newest member of the family, so it sat beside the newborn, and calmed down. The mom captured the touching moment on camera, and people were amazed by this sweet dog: