Dogs Are Just The Best Friends Ever

We all have that one person in life that just adores cuddling!

Yet, even if you are not into it that much, no one can deny the benefits of it. The power of touch is immense, it is highly emotional and encourages intimacy, which is why some are even terrified from its intensity.

Cuddling is crucial since our birth since our mothers took us on their loving arms. As we age, we continue craving for tenderness, and we display love and affection by hugging and caressing.

As one of the most effective forms of touch, it has impressive effects on us:

  • Cuddling strengthens the bond between people, improves communication, and provides comfort, as it increases oxytocin, known as the “love” hormone, levels. Cuddling improves intimacy and supports feelings of understanding, connection, and empathy between partners.
  • Cuddling triggers the release of oxytocin, which reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, and thus relaxes and improves mood. Moreover, a 2015 study conducted by Sheldon Cohen, a Professor of Psychology in Carnegie Mellon Universities’ Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, showed that frequent hugs make us less prone to the kind of stress that leads to infection and help us alleviate sickness symptoms.
  • Since it relieves stress, cuddling calms the body down and helps us to fall asleep more easily. Researchers have shown that administering oxytocin can boost the quality and amount of sleep.
  • Cuddling does make people feel better, due to the release of oxytocin. Studies have also found that oxytocin can lower pain in people with cancer, back pain, and IBS.

So, stop opposing! Cuddle with your partner and children whenever you can, and reap numerous amazing benefits!