Dog Strolls Into Texan Police Station To ‘Report Himself Missing’

Let’s face it, all doggos are smart, but apparently, some are wittier than others. One thing is sure- they can all make our day!

One such clever fellow got an idea to ask for his lost owner at the police station!

The thought of a pet missing is unbearable for the owner, naturally, not knowing where they are, if they are fine, if they will ever see each other again. Yet, this dog’s owner can sleep easy, as his dog is a sharp-witted one!

Scroll down to find out the amazing adventure of Chico!

This is Chico – a clever boy who reported himself missing to the Texan Police

One morning, the officers at the Odessa Police department in Texas had a surprise visit- a polite dog that turned to them to solve his problem.

Chico put his paws onto the front desk, and the soon found out that he was missing.

According to Sergeant Rusty Martin, Chico didn’t seem distressed, and he actually looked like he was wandering around the neighborhood, and he decided to visit his friends at the police station.

He stayed for a bit, and then quickly ran out 

Yet, the officers were sure they gave him lots of love and attention. Martin added:

 “We were all excited to have him in the building. We had a tennis ball and threw it in the lobby for a bit. Everyone loved him.”

The police department shared the entire event on their Facebook page, saying that they thought the ‘happy guy’” ‘ wanted to apply for a K-9 position after eliminating a Lassie type situation.’

Yet, it was about time for Chico to go back to his owners, which proved to be quite a challenge, as the ID tag had fallen off from his collar. They called animal control to check for a microchip.

His owner explained that Chico is at home, safe and sound

Before they arrived, Chico was skillful enough to sneak out, heading straight back to his family.

However, Chico felt like his time at the PD was done and quickly snuck out before animal control arrived. Luckily, he headed straight back to his family who reported him back the next day.

Sergeant Martin said:

”He ran out just as quick as he came in. The owner responded the next day [to say that] it was his dog and he had returned home. He lives about a mile from the station.”

He even joked that Chico might have just solved his first case:

“I was impressed. He may just be cut out for this work.”

In the Facebook post, they added:

“Chico is welcome back anytime.”

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