Dog Shows Up At Front Door To Invite His Girlfriend On A Date

Love is magical and pure, and it charms us all. By all, I mean, humans, and our furry best friends.

True love between dogs does not just exist on screen, and a couple of adorable pups are living proof of it!

Holly, a black Labrador from New York, is happy in love with her neighbor Harry, a golden retriever from next door. The couple enjoys playing together, but their relationship is much deeper than a simple friendship.

For seven years now, their love flourishes, to the delight of the two families.

One night, Holly’s family saw her crying at the front door, and they looked at the front door camera monitor.

What they saw melted their hearts- Harry came for a date, carrying a toy for his beloved one!

My pups boyfriend lives next door, and tonight at 10:55 he came for a date and to give her a present. My heart is so full right now ❤️ and now the ball goes everywhere with her from r/aww

They filmed the heartwarming gesture and shared the video on Instagram, writing: “My boyfriend came to visit me last night for a date and brought me something special.”

Holly happily accepted his offer, and Casi Cook, her owner, wrote:

“My heart is so full! If you listen when my brother opens the door, I’m in complete shock and I didn’t believe it.” 


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Meet my boyfriend Harry 💛🖤 #hollyandharry #hollyandhermoney

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