Dog Rings The Doorbell To Get Back Home After Escaping

Surprises are awesome, and I just love when someone I love simply rings the bell and shows up in front of my door!

Yet, I would surely be confused if I saw my dog waiting there to come back home!

Smart doorbells cameras are the latest trend in home security, as they add an extra set of eyes and ears to ensure the safety of our homes.

Apart from being highly practical, these doorbells have provided an opportunity to catch some pretty strange moments too, just like Greg Basel from Spokane, Washington, did!

One September evening a few years ago, this man caught his dog ringing his Nest video doorbell, in an attempt to get back inside!

His three-month-old golden retriever,  Marshall, somehow escaped the house, but after experiencing outdoor life, he wanted to return to his safe place. And the smart fellow knew exactly what to do!

He simply hit the doorbell, which was customized to play a knocking sound instead of the usual “ding dong” tone.

Good boy!

The hilarious video was first sent to KHQ Local News, and then posted to YouTube, and it quickly went viral as people loved this bright canine!