Dog Races Into Soldier’s Arms After 3 Years Apart

There are countless reasons why we all adore our canine best friends, the first being their loyalty. Dogs are a constant source of fun and unconditional love, and their company is simply precious!

In 2012, Army specialist Vance McFarland served in Afghanistan, together with his pal Ikar, a Czech Shepherd trained to be a tactical explosive detection dog.

Speaking about their mission, Vance said:

“Sometimes were good, sometimes were stressful. Having Ikar definitely made it a lot better. Having a dog with you on deployment is almost like having a little bit of home.”

However, after their deployment, the two friends went on separate ways, and Ikar was sent back to Afghanistan.

Vance said:

“When we walked off the plane at Fort Bragg, I had Ikar for long enough for them to take a picture before they took him away from me and sent him back to go back through the TEDD program and back to Afghanistan. It sucked. I mean we worked together for a long time. We were really close, then it was just like that, they took him away.”

Yet, after the second tour, Ikar and ten other TEDD dogs were adopted by a private contract company. They were eventually taken to Mt. Hope Kennels in Richmond, Va, and abandoned there.

Ikar was left alone for a long time.

Fortunately, Mission K9 Rescue and the US War Dogs Association stepped in to help and reunite dogs like Ikar to their mission partners.

They faced difficulties to track down Ikar’s original handler, McFarland.

He later explained:

“I got Facebook stalked, to be honest with you. I woke up one morning and had all kinds of messages on Facebook. People were like, ‘Is this your dog? Were you a dog handler in the Army?’ And I was like ‘Yea! What’s going on?’ That’s when I heard he had been abandoned and then saved and that I get the chance to adopt him now.

Imagine Vance’s joy when he got the news! 

He was thrilled when he got the news that he will soon meet his old partner again. He said he hoped he remembered him.

Waiting to see his 5-year-old friend, he was fiddling with a dog toy. In 2015, after three years, they met, and of course, Ikar remembered him!

As Vance called out to him, the dog immediately sprinted to McFarland’s arms, and snuggled and sniffed his friend!

So many hugs and cuddles! 

Vance was ecstatic as well, and as they are both retired, he decided to take Ikar home with him, to spend the rest of his life with his wife and two other dogs.

He said that Ikar ” is going to live the rest of his retired life spoiled. “

The Czechs, also known as Bohemian Shepherds, are social and intelligent dogs, that love spending their time with families, kids, and other pets.

Vance and Ikar will have a great time together! 

Therefore, they will all enjoy their time together!