Dog Freaks Out Over Her New Snow Goggles

If you are a dog owner, we are sure you are having a whale of a time! Dogs are special, fun, and awesome, so we all tend to make our dogs happy, just like they fill our lives with love, loyalty, and thousands of reasons to smile about.

Jessica Dylan Mann, the mother of a Border Collie named Maple, is no exception. Her energetic dog lives life to the fullest in Westminster, Vermont, enjoying outdoor activities like running around, swimming, and snowboarding.

Therefore, Mann decided to surprise her with something that would keep her safe and happy.

 “I wanted to buy goggles because she swims completely underwater with her eyes open and is always hanging out the [car] window/doing activities, so on Black Friday they went on sale so I bought some.”

One day, after a snowstorm, Mann put the googles on Maple while she was playing in the snow.

When Maple realized she could “see” under the snow, she was over the moon!

She started tunneling through the snow, exploring the new world that just opened to her.

She kept diving deeper, and whenever she popped up again, Mann could see her extremely delighted:

“When she first realized she could see under the snow you could just see in her face and body language how excited she was to explore something new and have fun. She has always loved the snow but never have [I] seen her do the tunnel-like thing with the goggles.” 

The dog embraced the googles even more than her mom expected, unlike most dogs, that would probably steer clear of having to wear something on their face.

Maple fell in love with her new accessory, so she loves wearing the googles whenever she goes outside to play. Mann adds:

“When I say ‘Ready for goggles!?’ she comes running and sits patiently for me to put them on.”