Dog Flashes Cheeky Smile After Pooping On Carpet In His New Home

Whenever he finds himself in trouble, Nova, the pet of a Utah woman, flashes his cheeky smile, and it was now caught on video

There is nothing cuter than a small child or a pet trying to grin his way out of trouble! However, one dog owner from Utah surely has more fun than the rest of us!

Fortunately, Kellie Rossi Larsen, of Logan, captured the hilarious toothy grin of her dog, Nova, on video, and we cannot help but fall in love with it!

Larsen explained:

“We recently moved into a new house, and one of our three dogs, Nova, had a little accident in the house because everything is new and confusing.”

In the video, Nova was caught pooping on her carpet, and as he tries to slink past her, his owner asks him:

“Nova, what is this? Was this you? Did you poop in the house?”

A woman from Utah caught her dog’s ‘cheesy’ grin he uses when attempting to get out of trouble on video

Nova then sits down, mugs to her, and shows off all of his teeth in the cutest grin ever!

Larsen adds:

“When Nova thinks he’s in trouble he does that cheesy smile to try and get out of it.”

What a clever boy!