Dog Dumped In Parking Lot Cries And Howls For 9 Days Waiting For Owner To Return

Dogs are simply awesome. They are not just regular pets, they are truly devoted and loving companions, whose loyalty is inspiring. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for all dog owners.

Many of them decide to abandon their dogs at some point, leaving them without any access to food or shelter. One such man left his beautiful white puppy, later called Samantha, in a parking lot of Sam’s Club back in December 2015.

While we will never know the full background of the story, what broke many hearts was the fact that the abandoned dog, remained in the same place in Memphis, Tennessee for days.

The dog waited in vain, hoping her owner would return and pick her up. She kept howling day and night.

Kimberly Slown, of Arrow Dog Rescue, an Illinois-based organization, explains:

“This is an area where animals are dumped. Dogs often times will stay where they are dumped in the hopes that their family will be back for them.”

The sad cries of the dog were heard by Mary Murphy of Arrow Dog Rescue, who knew that the owner won’t return after so many days. She also knew that it won’t be easy to persuade the determined dog to give up waiting.

She recorded a video of the pup and sent it to her rescue center, and spent three days to win the trust of the now-mistrustful canine. At first, she was afraid of Mary, so she brought along her pet dog. Eventually, Samantha allowed Mary to approach.

Her patience and perseverance paid off, and after nine days, Samantha was taken to the Arrow Dog Rescue Center.

The center shared the story on social media, and very soon, numerous people called to offer the dog a permanent home.

Even though they quickly found the perfect match for Samantha, the dog was still traumatized.

Fortunately, the new owners showed their care and patience, and waited until time and love healed her wounds.

Nowadays, the hound lives a happy life at their home, with no fears of being abandoned again.