Dog Discovers Abandoned Kitten In Rain During Potty Break And Guides Her To Her Home For Shelter

Dogs are wonderful creatures. Many of them become therapy dogs, service dogs and trained bomb-sniffing dogs. We all love stories where people save stray animals, but what’s even more remarkable is when another animal does the saving.

This fluffy Hazel is a 3-year-old Yorkie-Chihuahua-poodle mix, which lives in Abilene, Texas, with Monica Burks. It is an extremely compassionate dog.

One day, Hazel went out on her potty break, and didn’t come back. What happened is she heard a kitten crying, alone on the road, while it was raining outside. Hazel accompanied the kitten to Monica’s house, in order to help her.

The kitten hesitated a little, but Hazel was persistent and encouraged the kitten to keep following her. Hazel kept looking back and checking if the kitten was behind her.

Monica was surprised to see that. She immediately took her phone and recorded that moment: “There must be something called pure love. I saw Hazel’s maternal instincts come to light.”

The kitten couldn’t climb on the last step in front of the house, so Hazel took the kitten by the neck and they entered the house together.

Monica’s brother, Michael, adopted the baby kitten and named her Sheba. Michael and Monica make sure Hazel and Sheba spend time together.

Watch this adorable video: