Dog Always Makes Sure To Share His Food With His Favorite Lamb

Dogs have not become our best friends without a reason. Our canine companions are truly devoted, caring, loving, fun, and loyal beings.

A study published in the journal PLOS ONE, conducted by behavioral biologists from the Messerli Research Institute at Vetmeduni Vienna in Austria, showed that just like humans, dogs are generous with their canine “friends” by sharing their treats.

They are even eager to do so!

Yet, our story is even cuter! There is a dog that shares his food with his toys!

Yup, Tucker is the sweetest and most generous dog ever!

His mom, Katelyn Buckley, adopted him when he was a couple of months old, and she immediately noticed his nice and mild personality.

She says:

“He is the biggest baby when it comes to bugs flying on him, thunder or loud noises. He is very protective of us, especially if he doesn’t recognize someone approaching us.” 

His parents explain that he is also very protective of his favorite toys, and he takes them with him wherever he goes.

Buckley adds:

“He always carries them in his mouth and whines from excitement with them still in his mouth. He takes them to bed with him and does share his food with them.”

Yet, his favorite toy is a stuffed lamb, and even though it is large, he carries it with him all the time.

Researchers claim that the strong bonds dogs develop with their toys is one that results from perception and instinct. In most cases, a pooch holds the favorite toy just for comfort, as it reinforces positive emotion and helps him overcome distress.

When it is time to eat, Tucker makes sure his toys can reach the food bowl too. Watching him sharing his food with his toys is heart-melting!

Buckley says that he gently places the face of the toy in the bowl, and “will tip over the food bowl and scatter the food for it.”

This wonderful dog shares his food with his toys for years, and even if he had noticed that they don’t eat it in the same way as him, he continues the kind practice.