Dog Always Befriends Fluffiest Dogs At Day Care So She Can Nap On Them

If you truly love what you do, nothing can stop you from doing it! This is true for napping too, apparently.

Yet, the story of Edna is the cutest one ever!

This dog has been going to the doggy daycare since she was a puppy, and one of the many benefits of these places is that dogs start their socialization training.

They learn how to act properly, how to introduce themselves to new faces, and how to play and interact with strange dogs. Yet, this was never a problem for Edna!

She has never changed her routine- she plays hard for about three or four hours, and then craves for some zzz’s. But don’t you think that she would just lie in some corner to nap- instead, she finds the fluffiest dog at the daycare that day, and uses it as a pillow!

The adorable pit bull puppy prefers large dog breeds like St. Bernard and Golden Retriever, but when she needs to rest, any size would do, and they seem to not mind at all.

One of Edna’s family members, Brianna Gottfried, says that they all “enjoy the snuggling company, even the tiny wiener dogs.”

This was much easier when Edna was a puppy, but she refuses to stop now.

She loves to snuggle and nap, and fortunately, the doggy daycare allows her to do it as much as she can.

Gottfried explained:

 “When it’s time to go home I always have to peel her off of another dog.”

The story of the unique dog went viral after she posted photos of Edna’s siestas on other dogs on Instagram, with the caption, “Does anyone else’s pup look for the fluffy dogs to snuggle with???”

Edna is a playful dog that loves to sleep, and her friends at the daycare are happy to offer a helping hand, or should I say- a spot to nap!