Does Your Heel Hurt In The Morning Or Whenever You Stand Up? Here’s What You Need To Know

Plantar fascia is an important term you need to know regarding foot health, and it is a thin ligament which connects the heel to the front of the foot.

Healthline reports that over 50 percent of Americans suffer from foot pain, and this pain is generally linked to damage to the plantar fascia, or known as plantar fasciitis.

The major causes of this condition are weight gain or repetitive motion, and it is most common in pregnant women, athletes, and in people who work standing on the feet for a long period of time, as the weight and pressure cause pain and inflammation.

Yet, this condition can be prevented and treated.

The best treatment for this condition includes effective stretching exercises, as they relax the tight muscles which worsen the problem. These are some of the most effective ones:

Calf Stretches

The stretching of the calf may also relieve the pain in the heels. All you need is to extend the leg in a lunge-like movement and hold for half a minute. Make three repetitions with both legs.

Seated Exercises

These exercises are extremely effective for alleviating these issues and symptoms. These are the best ones according to Healthline:

  1. You should cross one leg over the other. Then, pull upward on the big toe and hold for 15 seconds. Release and repeat 3 times. Then, do the same with the other foot.
  2. You will need a folded towel to use it as an exercise strap, and put it under the foot arch. Then, pull upward to stretch the foot in front of your body, remain thus for 15-30 seconds and repeat the exercise 3 times.
  3. Take a water bottle, or some object similar in shape, and roll the foot over it for a minute. Repeat with the other leg.

On the other hand, stretching exercises may also prevent plantar fasciitis. Moreover, you can avoid this condition in other ways as well, including the following, suggested by WebMD:

Warm up

You need to warm up your body before physical work or exercise, as you may cause an injury if you make a sudden movement.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising and maintaining a healthy weight is of great help in this case. Moreover, stretching the joints and muscles will lower the risk of the tightening of the foot ligaments.

Ensure Proper Support

Proper shoes are of vital importance, so in order to keep the feet in a safe position, you should support them well. Avoid poorly constructed or tight shoes, as well as walking barefoot, in order not to apply additional pressure on your feet and heels.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

You will successfully avoid the unnecessary pressure on the feet and the entire body if you control your body weight.


You should always find some time to rest the feet between daily activities, as they are subjected to the burden of your body weight, and your feet and heels should not be exposed to constant repetitive movement.

Therefore, the health of your feet is of high importance, so you should try and prevent feet issues. Moreover, if you suspect that you suffer from this condition, you should immediately consult your doctor in order to treat it, and make the needed changes in the diet, exercise, and lifestyle.