Do You Often See Repeating Numbers? It Is Not A Coincidence

Have you noticed seeing repeating numbers often? Do you see the same number every time you look at the clock, a car license, your hotel room number, telephone numbers, and so on?

Have you ever heard anyone comment on the coincidence of repeatedly bumping into a specific number several times every day? It turns out, many people believe it is not a coincidence, but the universe is sending a message you should listen to.

This phenomenon of numbers alignment becomes evident to people and keeps showing up when it is important they recognize the vibratory power of the message sent to them by their guide, through the number energy in question.

More and more followers of the so-called “spiritual change” or “spiritual awareness” related to numerology appear, some scientists even associate the phenomenon of seeing repeated numbers with a process of global consciousness.

Astrologers the Astrotwins call these repeating sequences “master numbers”, and different numbers might mean different things, they reveal different messages sent by the Universe.

Virtue calls these numbers “angel numbers,” which basically means the same thing, even though instead of the universe communicating with you, it’s your guardian angels who are trying to guide you.

Either term is accepted, depending on what you believe in, but what is important is to never ignore them.

First of all, let us dismiss any unfounded idea that there are “bad” or “destructive” numbers. There is a universal cosmic force for each number, none of which is constructive or destructive by itself; on the contrary, they are neutral forces, waiting to be directed.

Each number provides a positive and fortunate vibration by itself, so if we learn to understand the message, we can associate numbers better in our lives and harmoniously potentiate their energy.

These repeated numbers are thought to express subliminal messages to our conscious and subconscious, most of the time hidden at plain sight, but not for our mind.

The messages they convey are essential and are sent to us to be understood and deciphered, with the purpose to guide us, to give us clues, and signals.

To start reading the signs these repeating numbers you see convey, you should learn their meanings:

111 – This is a wake-up call. Focus on positivity, as new beginnings await you. You are one with God and the Universe. You are on the right path, doing the right thing, and you are in tune with a higher reality.

222 – Be patient and trust, as everything is in balance. This is the energy of partnership, of the unity of masculine and feminine energies.

333 – This represents the trinity of mind/body/spirit. This means you should live “in joy” as much as possible.

444 – You need to work hard to achieve a goal, but do not be insecure. This is the opportunity to grow in perfect balance with a partner. You are being called home.

555 – this is the number of change! It’s telling you that change is occurring – and it’s always for the better and in line with your personal and spiritual evolution. Embrace change, let go of the old, and tap into your sense of adventure. Big changes are coming.

666 – The Universe is telling you to calm, and release your worries. Do not be focused on the material world so much.

777 – This is a mystical and “lucky” number, and it marks both beginnings and endings. Seeing this number indicates that whatever happens will exceed your expectations. This also means you are on the right path.

888 – This is the money, power, and abundance vibration. This means that there is an endless supply of abundance in the world. It’s also the number of cosmic consciousness and Infinity. It is also alerting you to prepare for a phase of your life to end.

999 – This is a sacred number in Numerology, and it is about finishing, letting go of the old, saying good-bye, and moving forward with open arms.

000 – This means something has come full circle.

Don’t be afraid to let the figure guide you, you might find important answers there.