Do You Know What Happens If You Eat Too Many Nuts?

The normal consumption of nuts, like hazelnuts and walnuts is extremely beneficial for your health. Yet, their excess use may negatively affect your body.

Namely, it is recommended that you eat a handful of nuts a day. If you exaggerate in their consumption, you may face the following negative consequences:

Digestion issues – You should follow the advisable daily intake of nuts, as they provide a feeling of satiety, due to their compounds tannins and phytates, which may hinder digestion.

Weight gain– Numerous scientific studies warn that nuts can promote weight loss but in limited amounts only. Yet, if you eat too many nuts, you may actually gain weight as they are abundant in fat.

Muscle pain, inflammation, brittle nails and hair- The excess intake of nuts may lead to inflammation, muscle pain and brittle nails and hair as it can cause selenium poisoning.

Therefore, it is rally important to stick to the recommended doses of nuts, in order to prevent complications, and only enjoy their benefits.