Do Teflon Pans Cause Cancer ? – Here is the Truth

It seems that it is not just enough to carefully choose the food we eat, but we should also pay more attention to the items we cook our meals in.

Namely, the US Environmental Protection Agency warns of the dangers nonstick cookware brings. The perfluorinated cationic acid found in these items has proven to cause certain forms of liver, pancreatic, and testicular cancer, and it can also affect fertility in laboratory animals.


Although there is no scientific evidence on its toxic effect in people, the US Environmental Protection Agency recommends that we should not take the risk and use such items.

Cookware has always been subject to health-related controversies. In the 1970s, experts believed that aluminum causes Alzheimer’s disease, which led to a decreased use of aluminium in the production. However, this theory has never been officially proven.

Copper items release certain amount of this material during cooking, which often leads to nausea and diarrhea. Iron can also cause certain health problems, while stainless steel is believed to be quite safe.

Despite all the theories, nonstick cookware is still believed to be safe because of the special production methods and exposure to high temperatures.

Another study showed different results. Scientists tested 26 items with non-stick bottom and none of them releases chemicals when exposed to high temperatures.

The outcome of this article is that you can use nonstick items, without the fear of possible health-related problems. But, be careful, you have to maintain the optimum temperature to avoid any scratches. If this still happens, replace your nonstick pan with a new one.