DIY Natural Blackhead Removal

Blackheads are created when skin debris in combination with oil clogged pores. These impurities are black not because they are “dirty,” but because they have oxidized in contact with oxygen.

Whiteheads occur for the same reason, but the main difference is that they are inside the skin. People usually have blackheads on the side of their nose and the chin area. Be careful, some skin care products block pores and increase blackheads, or comedos.

The best way to prevent the occurrence of blackheads is to wash your face thoroughly every day, as this routine will eliminate any buildups.

But, this does not mean that you will eliminate the existing blackheads only by washing your face. Also, agressive scrubbing and washing your skin will worsen the situation even more and irritate your skin.

Using your nails or fingertips to eliminate blackheads is not the wisest thing to do, because it can also cause irritation and worsen the infection.