DIY Massage Therapy and Reflexology

Massages feel great, right? We all like to get one, but not many people are keen on giving a massage. Pampering yourself with a massage will leave your body glowing throughout the entire day. Book a massage therapist at least once a week, and enjoy all the benefits massages provide.

What if you cannot provide a professional?
Unfortunately, many people are unemployed, meaning not many can afford a luxury massage. If that is your case, you can sure use the benefits of a DIY massage therapy at home.


DIY reflexology massage therapy does not take much effort and it it super-easy, not to mention that it is as effective as professional therapies when it comes to relieving pain and stress. Reflex massages have proven to be potent in the treatment of many ailments, including chronic fatigue, headache, and even depression.

Traditional reflexology focuses on the foot mostly, but there are hundreds of pressure points on the body, and you can benefit by stimulating each of these. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the body is a network of energy channels commonly referred to as meridians. When massaged properly, the meridians can stimulate the healing process and provide overall relaxation.

Check these tips on how to relieve pain, reduce stress and improve your mood by using simple DIY reflexology techniques:

Instant Mood Boost

The pituitary gland secretes hormones that are directly associated with pain relief. You can balance the function of this gland by applying specific pressure on certain points on your hands and feet.

Pay special attention to your thumbs and/or the big toe. Apply moderate to heavy pressure for about 5-10 minutes and you will feel an instant bliss.

Mental focus

Improper thyroid function leads to brain fog or inability to focus. The point that is associated with the thyroid gland is also located in your big toes and thumbs.

Stimulating these pressure points will improve your concentration, balance your heartbeat and reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Relieve Stress and Tension

Full body massage relaxes tense muscles, but simple reflexology tricks can provide the same effect. The nerves are linked through an intricate system of webbing, and you can access it by stimulating certain points on your feet and hands.

Roll your finger over the tip of your big toe to alleviate tension in the spine and relieve headache and migraine.

Relieve Cold and Flu

It may sound strange to you, but you can easily access your sinuses and throat through the feet. Apply some pressure to the side of the big toe and the base of your foot. This will stimulate the blood flow to your lungs and throat. It is also a great way to flush out bacteria and infections naturally.

Massaging your feet is an excellent way to reduce tension of everyday life. You can find certain reflex points on your feet. When stimulated, these points can boost the detoxification of your kidneys, liver, bladder and lungs.

Use these massage techniques to eliminate uric acid buildups in your hands and feet. Some pressure points are more sensitive than others, but you should not feel any pain while doing the reflex massage.

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