Disneyland’s First-Ever Client Has Been Using A Lifetime Ticket For 64 Years

The joy offered by amusement parks is well-known by all of us, and many of us still dream of visiting Disneyland.

Can you imagine being the first Disneyland client ever? Well, a man has walked in the path of your dreams in 1955.

A 22-year old college student, Dave MacPherson, was studying at the Long Beach State College. In July, he was the first to set his feet in the renowned amusement park.  He wanted to be first in line and stood at 2 AM on an opening day, and entered after Disney’celebrities and family members.

Of course, it was not a lucky coincidence, as while watching Disneyland’s opening festivities on TV on July 17th, he decided to be the first commoners to enter the park.

He turned off the TV, hopped onto his motorbike and rode about 10 miles from Long Beach, California to Anaheim. At 2 a.m., he walked to the nearest ticket booth and just started a line.

He waited for a few hours, and then managed to buy the first ticket sold to the common public. He also received a complimentary card but didn’t actually get to use it due to the long ride back to Long Beach that awaited him.

However, he also received a lifetime pass for being the first commoner ever to enter the park!

Ever since he has enjoyed his privileges annually.

MacPherson said:

“Each January I eagerly await the arrival of the next installment of the pass which is then good for another year at any Disney park, and I have received these annual passes since 1955. In the beginning, it was just a paper or cardboard pass and for years it was silver.

In recent years it has been red in color and is made like a credit card and says on the front ‘VIP MAIN ENTRANCE PASS.’ The reverse side has my name and says: Admit Passholder and 3 Guests.”

Disneyland was the first of two theme parks in the Disneyland resort in California. Walt Disney got the idea after visiting numerous amusement parks with his children during 1930-1940. Decades later, his vision was brought to life, and it cost 17 million US dollars.

For its opening day, Disney executed a televised event, which was open only to his family, the media and invited celebrity guests.

He disappeared shortly after opening the gate to the wide public the next day,  which slightly disappointed people, including our Scotsman MacPherson. Yet, this still was his best day!

On July 1955, Dave MacPherson,  a 22-Year Old College Student, became the first Disneyland client ever

He wanted to be  first in line and stood at 2 AM on an opening day

He managed to enter the park first, after Disney’celebrities and family members

He decided on being the first while watching the opening day festivities on July 17th, 1955

Dave does not know what happened to his admission ticket, but he kept a copy of the complimentary card that was attached to it

Dave has been coming back yearly ever since

MacPherson appreciates the honor and has been coming back every year

He took his wife Wanda to the park with friends

He always finds a way to show his love for Disney

The Disneyland Dave visited had a grand opening on July 17th

The next day, it was opened to the public

Dave MacPherson was the luckiest guy to get in front of all the happy children

He said he would never forget the line of 6000 people right behind him

He regrets missing the chance to meet Walt Disney himself