Did You Know You Can Turn Junk Mail Into Unlimited Free Slow Burning Firewood?

I don’t believe anyone of you finds junk mail useful, and most of us throw it in the trash as soon as they got it.

The following video demonstrated how a man uses junk mail to turn it into a paper log.

He uses a couple of buckets, a drill with an old saw blade, some water, and all that junk mail, and creates a free fuel source. However, note that the chemicals and dyes used in junk mail are toxic, so you should never cook over it. Also, make sure you prevent chimney problems caused by regular cleaning and chimney checks.

In this way, we can also avoid identity theft issues, which are unfortunately very common.

Moreover, you can save the amount of firewood that needs to be burned and contribute to a healthier planet.

Therefore, the video below may be the one that will change your perception of junk mail, as it will teach you how to turn the lump of useless paper in the mailbox into a useful source of heat that can last for a long time. 

All you need is brain power and a little effort, and you could start saving money by using the free firewood made from junk mail!

Source: www.davidwolfe.com