Did Hasbro Pull A New Trolls Doll After Complaints That ‘It’s Grooming Kids For Sexual Abuse’?

Jessica McManis and millions of concerned parents made Hasbro recall Poppy, forcing toy companies to pay more attention to the design of their products

Hasbro Trolls doll is probably the last thing we needed in a world where child sex trafficking is still an issue. Child sex slavery is one of the biggest problems authorities handle right now and these dolls only reminded us of the disgusting people who live close to us.

Parents should educate their kids about this problem, explaining the problem of inappropriate touching.

Hasbro Trolls doll was hit with a massive wave of criticism after a mom shared a video online to express her frustration. Apparently, the designer placed a button in the most inappropriate place. Pressing this button makes the doll release “strange” sounds. Jessica McManis was trying to get everyone’s attention in order to have this doll removed from the shells.

“I find this disturbing and I find it something that needs to be shared,” the shocked mother says from behind the camera.

She had to speak up because of “sex trafficking in kids and things that are thrown in our kids’ faces to groom them and make them more oblivious to things that are really happening. I know some of you may not think this is a big deal, but especially since I’ve had kids … this is wrong. It says nothing about this button on the box.”

Hasbro Trolls doll shock the world

Young kids can’t really make a difference between right and wrong. It’s up to us to show them the way and help them understand that some touches are inappropriate. Children need to learn how to take ownership over their bodies and prevent abuse.

Hasbro and other toy companies have to assume responsibility in ensuring that their products fit well our parenting.

Jessica shared the inappropriate design of the Trolls World Tour Doll named Poppy and even started a petition to get the doll out of store shelves.

The private button

McManis’s toddler, age 2, received Poppy as a birthday gift. The singing doll is cute and it even says things when you press the button on her belly. But, the packaging doesn’t say anything about the button that’s placed between the doll’s legs. When you press the hidden button, Poppy “gasps” and “giggles.”

According to Jessica, this doll will make kids think that it’s fun to have people touch them down there.

“Our society is conditioning our children to think pedophilia is ok. This Trolls World Tour doll named Poppy has a button on her private area under her skirt,” Jessica’s petition on Change.org reads. “When you push this button on the doll’s private she gasps and giggles. This is not okay for a child’s toy! This toy needs to be removed from our stores.

What will this toy make our innocent, impressionable children think? That it’s fun when someone touches your private area? That pedophilia and child molestation are ok? It’s not ok! It’s not fun! It’s damaging and has long term effects on a child’s mental/physical health!

Sign this petition to get this toy removed from shelves and help #SaveTheChildren! Children are our future and WE are their voice!”

The Hasbro toy company took notice of the complaint and offered an immediate response. They explain that the button was placed there so the doll can make sounds when seated. Too many people supported Jessica and the company decided to pull the doll from stores.

“This feature was designed to react when the doll was seated, but we recognize the placement of the sensor may be perceived as inappropriate,” Hasbro spokeswoman Julie Duffy explained in an email response for The Providence Journal. “This was not intentional and we are happy to provide consumers with a replacement Poppy doll of similar value through our consumer care team. We are in the process of removing the item for purchase.”

Hasbro made a good move. Recalling the product was the only way to solve the problem. It was a poor design and hopefully, the company won’t make the same mistake ever again.

Inappropriate kids toys

Toy companies have made so many mistakes in the past. We have listed some of the designs parents consider inappropriate:

The Punisher

It has a rocket launcher between the legs. Since when is this a good idea?

Pole dancer doll

It teaches kids how to make the doll dance on a poll. Who allowed the release of this disgusting product?

Roadkill cat

The cat misses an eye and its tread marks. Playing with roadkill is in no way right.

Baby’s first baby doll

Kids need to know some things about pregnancy. But, imagine having someone give your kid a doll that gives birth to a baby doll.

Nimbus 2000 Broomstick

Some of us grew up living in Harry Potter’s world. We imagined having broomsticks to play Quidditch games. But why is this broomstick toy vibrating?

Russian Roulette for kids

We don’t even need to explain this.

Parents need to pay close attention to all the items their kids come in contact with. This world is such a scary place to live and we are surrounded by so many weirdos. Good education and better parenting can help us protect children from predators. These toys are only making things difficult for us.

Source: people.com