Detox Drink Made of Just 2 Ingredients To Cleanse The Body of Toxins

If you do like eating fatty food once in a while, then you are probably worried about all the fat that is accumulated in your body.

We suggest you to prepare a simple drink to cleanse your organism, using 2 ingredients that you always have on hand. You will need celery root and lemons.

Shred  14 oz/ 400 g of celery root.
Add 7 oz/ 2 deciliters of water and some lemon zest.
Cook for 20 minutes and let the liquid cool for 5-6 hours.

You also need 2.2 pounds/ 1 kg of lemons. Use the juice of the lemons only and add it to the liquid you already prepared. Strain and there you have your fat cleansing drink. Keep it in a glass bottle.

Drink about 3.5 oz /1dl of the beverage before your meals, three times a day. You can also add some mineral water.

Remember, always keep this drink in the fridge!