Deserted Italian Street Rings Out With Song As People Lean From Windows To Sing Together During Lockdown

The entire world is in shock and disbelief as the coronavirus outbreak keeps taking its death toll.

Over three months ago, health officials identified the first case of Covid-19. While most had never heard of coronavirus before, after it has killed thousands of people around the world, it has become a worldwide subject of conversation.

Italy has been hit the worst in Europe by COVID-19, so as a result, almost 16 million people are effectively quarantined, while all shops except supermarkets and pharmacies are shut down.

However, amid a nationwide lockdown, a group of Italians remembered to sing to boost the community spirit and show solidarity.

People in one street kept singing out of their windows, and the video a Twitter user posted on social media almost immediately went viral.

This “beautiful” act of humanity in Siena, Tuscany, melted millions of hearts.

Twitter user @valemercurii, who posted the video, explained that it was sent to her by a friend, and wrote:

 “People of my hometown Siena sing a popular song from their houses along an empty street to warm their heart during the Italian Covid-19 lockdown.”

The popular folk song, ‘Canto Della Verbena’, is usually sung during sports games, and it expresses local pride. It celebrates the flowering herb, which once grew spontaneously in the Piazza del Campo neighborhood of rural Siena, and was often used in traditional medicine or perfumes.

The communal singing brought many people to tears, and many wrote that it is the best way to lift each other’s spirits during the tragedy.

In the last several days, many videos of Italians singing from their balconies have emerged, like the ones showing residents of Naples singing pop artist Andrea Sannino’s song, Abbracciami.

In the south of Italy, people in Salerno were also recorded singing the country’s national anthem from their balconies.

To boost their morale, Italians keep spreading a slogan  “ “Andrà tutto bene” – meaning “everything will be alright”.

Italy, you fascinate the world.