Delicious Juice Recipes And Tips For Your Kids

-Some people are afraid to give their children a natural fruit juice, because they think it can be harmful to them and also can contribute to their obesity. But most of the kids love fruit juice, and juices are a good source of vitamins.

What should you do?

-First of all, you should not be worried. Recent studies have shown that drinking moderate amounts of 100% fruit juice does not affect the weight of the child.

However fruit juice contains calories as any other sweetened drink, and too much juice contributes to weight gain, so follow these tips and stay calm:

1. The first 6 months of birth -- is not recommended giving juice to your baby, unless is used for relief of constipation
2. 6 to 12 months -- 100 ml/ 3.38 oz per day in a cup (not a bottle) to avoid tooth decay
3. 1 to 6 years -- 170 ml/ 5.75 oz per day
4. Over 7 years -- 350 ml/ 11.85 oz per day

Check these juice recipes and make your kid happy!

Vegetable Juice Recipe:

1. “Mixed power”
-1 Handful of Swiss chard, kale, spinach or a combination
-- 1 pear
-- 1 cup strawberries
-- 1/2 lemon, unpeeled
-- 1 apple, cut into chunks

2. “Can’t beet it”
-- 2 apples
-- 1 beet
-- 2 carrots

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