Deer On The Streets Of Japan, Monkeys in Thailand While People Are in Quarantine (photo)

Many believe that the coronavirus pandemic is a valuable lesson that we all need to learn. These dark times will remind us of the importance of family, solidarity, community spirit, and the care for our environment.

It seems that we forgot about the power of Karma, but Nature didn’t.

While numerous governments have applied quarantine as a safety measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, animals started to move freely along the empty streets.

In Japan, deer from Nara Park started wandering out of it to find something to eat, to the surprise of the locals. Many animals are almost entirely sustained on treats handed out by tourists, so as the flow of tourists has been drastically reduced recently, a lot of them decided to roam the streets and take care of themselves.

One Twitter user wrote:

 “On the morning of 2 March, for the first time in my 30 years of living here, there are deer at Nara Station, two kilometers away from Nara Park. There are no tourists to feed them rice crackers so they’ve ventured far away for breakfast. Please come to Nara and feed rice crackers to the deer!”

Yet, such strange behavior was spotted in other countries as well.

Numerous starving monkeys shocked people on a city plaza in Lopburi, Thailand, and many accounts of various animals (sheep, boars and a horse!) wandering the streets in Italy appeared on social media.

Animals seem to enjoy our absence from the streets!

From deer to monkeys, various animals roam the streets freely:

Deer on the streets of Japan

Monkeys on the streets of Thailand

Posted by Sasaluk Rattanachai on Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Wild boars, sheep, and horses in Italy