Decorate an Outdoor Christmas Tree With Edible Ornaments for the Animals

We usually decorate the Christmas tree as tradition dictates, but who says we cannot break with tradition if we have a good reason for it?

No, wait, give me a second to explain.. you will get to keep your Christmas tree, but this time, outdoors!

Think about it… If you all go out to decorate an outdoor tree with edible, biodegradable ornaments, Nature will be extremely grateful!

You will help animals easily find habitat and food, which are scarce during the winter, and you will also fight against deforestation.

The eco-friendly theme will attract many birds and animals to share the holidays with your family and your kids will love it!

If you like the idea, blogger Nicolette Sowder suggests some interesting edible ornament ideas:

Use orange peels as ornaments

Prepare peanut-butter pine cones 

Seed “cookies” for birds 

Dehydrated fruit slices as decorations 

Attractive popcorn and cranberry garland

Sowder advises the use of biodegradable twine when hanging the ornaments, as the plastic fishing line harms wildlife.

Moreover, it would be helpful to wrap a bow for each ornament, as they will attract more birds, and the tree will look more festive.

She adds:

“If you’re in an urban environment or don’t have trees, you can also use a branch with lots of smaller branches on it. This first time out can also be spent animal watching to get the kids excited about decorating later.”

Isn’t this a great idea?