Dear God


We are divided into two groups, those that see the glass half full, and the ones that see it half empty. Undoubtedly, life is hard, and it gets especially tough at times, but becoming a pessimist is not the way to go.

Yet, most of us do not intentionally choose to be pessimists, but after numerous struggles and hardships, they somehow become too disappointed to look on the bright side.

However, if you have become a negative person, you might not be aware of it. You might consider yourself a cynic or a realist, or highly intuitive, but we are sorry to inform you that you have probably become a toxic person for the others around you.

Here are seven signs that you have become a pessimist,  tips to help you change it:

  • Pessimists believe others do not deserve their care and love, so they become selfish. In this case, start doing small acts of kindness, and the satisfaction that will result from them will change your negativity.
  • You always expect the worst in every situation. Try hoping for the best next time, and you might be surprised. Just because you were hurt previously, doesn’t mean that you will be disappointed this time too.
  • You constantly suspect other people’s motives and good intentions. Yet, speak to them, and explain your point of view, but try to give them the benefit of a doubt.
  • You downplay your successes in life, maintaining that they are a result of luck, other people, or strange circumstances. Instead, you should be grateful for all your successes and failures in life, as they are all valuable lessons.
  • You give up easily, out of the fear that you will fail again. However, next time you want to give up, set a new, maybe a smaller, goal to keep going.
  • You are jealous of the successes of others. Remember, the life of others is their life, and focus on what makes you happy in life. Think of new ways to improve your life instead.
  • You find it hard to forgive and keep focusing on your bad memories. The tendency to hold on resentment, anger, and bitterness will take a toll on you, and you will end up physically and emotionally draining. You should try to see things from their perspective, and let go of the grudges.

Life coach and author Kali Rogers explains that we pick up vibes, both, on a conscious and subconscious level. Therefore, those who are aware of this protect themselves from negativity by ” selecting carefully who they associate with.”

Rogers adds:

“Being an optimist isn’t about ignoring all the terrible things that are happening around us — it’s learning not to focus on them. Optimists can still recognize that terrible things happen and they can still mourn and fret and become angry over them. But they don’t let the negativity consume them. They try to aim their attention on solutions and silver linings.”