Dandelion Root: More Effective Than Chemotherapy

You probably remember how your grandmother made you a healthy dandelion syrup, but what she did not know is that dandelion root helps people diagnosed with cancer.

Scientists have confirmed that the root of the plant is more efficient than chemotherapy, because the drugs destroy all cells, while dandelion root only kills cancer cells.


A group of researchers at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Windsor, Canada, conducted the initial research and the results sparked a new hope for all those suffering from cancer. Dandelion root has proven to be effective in killing cancer cells, without damaging any healthy cells.

Dandelion root tea makes the affected cells disintegrate within 48 hours, and as the researchers found, not a single healthy cell became affected. Researchers also believe that a continual treatment with this root may destroy cancer cells, which brought the researchers an additional support to continue with their research on this root.

John Carlo, 72, was diagnosed with cancer and he had undergone some aggressive chemotherapy treatments. It was 3 years before he was released from the hospital to spend his last days with his family.

The doctors struggled to find an effective solution for him, but they did not have much options. John was adviced to drink dandelion root tea, as it was the last resort in his fight against the disease. Within four months he experienced a remission of the cancer, meaning it started shrinking, and eventually disappeared.

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