Daddy Says It’s Time To Pray— Watch As Baby Girl Joins In Most Adorable Fashion

Most parents can’t have their dinner without having their kids screaming and running around. However, this toddler has great table manners, and our hearts melted.

The 15-second video has attracted the attention of millions viewers on YouTube. Some reports suggest that an early Facebook video was viewed 38 million times.

In this video, the toddler is saying grace at the table before she has dinner with her family.

Eloise Invorvaia was 20 months old at the time, but she had better manners than most people we know. When her daddy says it’s time to pray, Eloise has the perfect response.

The toddler reaches out her hands to her parents, and closes her eyes really tight. Eloise listens to her father carefully as he delivers a moving prayer thanking God for their food and the cute girls. The father hopes that the food they are given will bless their bodies and keep them safe.

Does Eloise say “Amen” at the end of the prayer? Of course she does, and she is really cute.

The video was first posted online in 2016. Liz and John Invorvaia shared the video online, and they were living in Indianapolis, Indiana at the time.  Today, the lovely family lives in Waterville, Ohio. John is the Director of Family Ministries at Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church.

John didn’t fail to mention that they have to pray 4-5 times before each dinner, because Eloise likes to pray. A lot!

There’s something cute and awesome in this family tradition, and Eloise has definitely won our hearts. The toddler got so popular that she was featured on Fox News, The Ellen Show, and the Today Show.

Elizabeth and John appeared on Fox and Friends Weekend after posting the video, and told hosts that they are doing their best to teach their children right. The love of God always brings comfort, and John explained this during his interview.

Eloise knew 12-15 words at the time, and “Amen” was undoubtedly her favorite. Of course, the toddler is too young to understand the power and the meaning of saying grace, but this was a perfect base for her future life.

It’s always good when we see kids with good manners. Eloise is so young and well-mannered. She will sure grow into a caring young girl who will teach others how to behave properly.

Her love and kindness will encourage others to follow her example. The world needs more toddlers like her. Let’s change this world, and make it a better place to live in.