Dad Who Can’t Afford To Buy Son A Backpack Weaves Him One Out Of String

One should never take things for granted. The things we have and we don’t even notice are a luxury for others.

Therefore, we should learn to appreciate everything we get in life and be grateful even for the smallest things.

The story of a Cambodian student NY Keng and his father is a perfect example of it. 

At the age of 5, NY Keng needed a backpack for school. He lost his only bag during a school trip to Thailand.

Yet, his father couldn’t afford to buy a new one, as he and his wife both work as casual laborers who often travel to Thailand as migrant workers.

Therefore, instead of saving money to buy something too expensive for them, his father decided to get creative.

In Cambodia, a schoolbag costs 30,000 Riels, equivalent to 7 US dollars. 

This region of Cambodia is populated with farmers, and most of them find it challenging to afford school supplies for their children. The father had numerous other things to spend that money on, so he thought of another way to help his son.

He has learned the skill to weave previously, and he made a custom-made backpack for his son.

The bag is impressive! 

The final product was an attractive backpack made from blue Raffia fibre string, a trusty material that itself made of polypropylene. It is waterproof and easy to clean with a damp cloth, and it was complete with a strap and buckle.

NY Keng’s teacher, Sophous Suon, was impressed by it!

Suon took photos of the bag and shared them online. 

The story quickly went viral, with numerous people offering to buy the boy a school bag. It was much more than a simple pack to store things inside, and that is why people around the Globe were fascinated by it.

Suon explained:

 “People said that it’s heartwarming, touching, cool and creative father, love this bag.

Few foreigners asked for contact to send him the bags and my school leader already send his contact for them.”

The bag is both, practical and high-quality.

Everyone just loved the woven backpack, and one even joked that the father should start a small business selling woven bags to hipsters.

NY Keng should be proud of his father!