Dachshund And Her 6 New Pups Have An Adorable Photoshoot Together

Belinda Sol was hired to do a photosession of cute Mia, a pregnant dachshund, and the results were better than expected

Photographers are really proud of their work, and some of their award-winning photos have made rounds around the world. We’ve seen so many mind-blowing photos, and each photo session makes us get a professional camera and become an amateur photographer.

Belinda Sol is living her dream. The Texas photographer spends her days taking photos of newborns and their proud moms. One day, Sol received a call from someone named Mona. The lady wanted to arrange a photoshoot, but Sol couldn’t even imagine the true story behind this photoshoot.

It turns out, Mona called Sol so she can take cool pics of Mia, a pregnant dachshund. As you can imagine, Sol took the most beautiful dog photos you will ever see.

“I had never done [a dog shoot] before, and I was excited to do so,” Belinda said of the big challenge. “I went and made her a maternity dress, purchased some props especially for her, and made our appointment.”

The father was there, too. Mia behaved like a real model. She was a well-trained dog after all. The pup couldn’t really move around as her belly was super big.

Sol shared some of the photos on Facebook and her work went viral. The comments section was filled with congratulatory messages for the cool mom.

What did Sol do? She scheduled a follow-up photoshoot with Mia and her six babies.

Each of the pups was wearing a little crocheted hat. Luckily, some of Mia’s babies were sleeping throughout the session, and the photos came even better.

Source: www.today.com