How To Cure Cracked Heels – The Natural Way

Neglecting your feet can easily lead to cracked heels. That is why moisturizing is very important as well as everyday care and attention. Since, summer is coming up, here are a few tips on how to solve cracked heels problems.

Our feet, in general, are one of the most neglected body parts and this can lead to hurting heels. There are not any health risks involved, unless deeper injuries or bleeding occur.

If some cases, like diabetes or weak immune system, problems like these need to be taken care of in time so that infection does not arise.

How To Cure Cracked Heels – The Natural Way

Supermarkets offer a huge choice of foot creams which usually contain a lot of chemicals that can cause skin irritation. So, here are some of the most natural and effective remedies that could help you out:

1. Dip your feet in a bowl of warm water for about 10 minutes. Dry the feet completely and put on vegetable oil on the hurting areas. Put on some socks and if you can- sleep with them on throughout the night. The warmth of your body will soak the oil and will be more effective. In a few days, the affected areas will be gentle once more.

2. Take a banana pulp and apply it on your cracked heels for about ten minutes. Wash with water and clean your feet. This method is harmless and you can do it daily.

3. Also, mix avocado or the inside of a coconut together with the banana until you get a creamy substance. Avocado and coconut are full of soluble vitamins, excellent for the skin. Other than vitamins, this will provide your skin with a lot of oils, too.

4. Put your feet in a lemon juice for about 10 minutes. Its acid (which is not harmful), will get rid of the dead and unnecessary skin. You can scrub your feet while in the lemon juice to get full effect.

5. Rosewater and glycerin mix will smooth and heal the cracked heels.


6. There is a belief that mustard oil mixed with paraffin wax can work miracles for your heels. Leave the mix overnight, by wearing socks once again. Wash it all out in the morning. You need around ten days to experience a full transformation.

7. For healthy heels the most important thing is exfoliation. If you combine honey, cider vinegar and rice flour you will get a mix that will cure the deepest of cracks on your heels. It is also recommended to add olive oil or sweet almond oil to the combination. Put your feet in warm water for 20 minutes and mildly rub the paste on them. This provides exfoliation and dissolving dead skin layers. You will also get moisturizing from the honey and olive oil.

8. Making your own foot cream can be very helpful in these situations. Mix a few drops of lavender oil together with lemon oil and olive oil in a small bottle. Add the exact amount of water and shake until it collides. Apply daily and remember to first shake the mixture.

9. Healthy skin is also a result of a good diet. Eat food containing lots of iron, zinc and omega 3 fats.

Always take care of your feet, and find no excuse to do any different.

Source: Natural Cures Not Medicine