Cozy Off-Grid Home Can Be Built In 6 Hours And Costs Just $33K

The increasing cost of living and the skyrocketing real estate prices have inspired a trend of tiny and off-grid homes that vary in size and style.

Supporters of the sustainable, off-grid, living claim that life in nature has countless benefits, like improved health, lower stress, reduced environmental footprint, and greater personal satisfaction.

If you are planning to downsize or go off-grid too, make sure you check the home designed by Renato Vidal! Believe it or not, M.A.Di is a flat pack folding home that costs just $33,000 and can be assembled in any flat location, in only 6 hours!

Therefore, you won’t need to spend more money and hire builders and lay foundations.

It comes in various sizes, so you can choose between a 290-square-foot home for $33,000, or a 904-square-foot design for $73,000, for instance. These houses are created with high-quality materials and are certified as seismically safe.

The company explains:

“MADi uses traditional building methods and standard materials in an innovative modular home that unfolds to provide an affordable, high-quality living space quickly and easily. Durable and earthquake resistant, it’s the perfect solution for any kind of purpose from residential houses, sports village and resorts, and for disasters relief.”

The homes involve all modern amenities, like kitchen connections, a bathroom with sanitary facilities, technical installations, and a staircase.

Moreover, the pre-fab structures can be assembled to go off-grid, as the structures pair well with solar panels, greywater systems, and LED lighting.

The company, which claims that everyone in the world should be able to afford a home, adds:

“Designed for extremely comfortable and affordable living, you’re also ensured of a construction innovative enough to adapt to your budget or vision.”

What’s more, it will arrive in about 60 days after you pay for it!

So, living rough looks appealing now, doesn’t it?

Here is the innovative abode:

M.A.Di looks simple, but its exterior is the complete opposite of it

The flat pack folding home can be built in 6 hours, and costs just $33k

This is a time-lapse of its assembly:

Upon completion, here is what M.A.Di looks like: