We Consume This Poison Every Day, STOP Until is Too Late!

This article will warn you of the most harmful ingredient you consume on a daily basis, as its long-term use can lead to extremely severe health effects!

Our food contains an incredibly dangerous silent killer, monosodium glutamate E621, which is a food additive, used to replace salt, and to enhance flavor.

It is a common ingredient in the food prepared in restaurants. Its aqueous solution has a taste of meat and soup. Its use causes obesity, overeating, and increased appetite.

Its effects are like a drug, it stimulates the brain cells, enters in the blood and brain and causes a change in genes which are responsible for the sense of taste.

This ingredient is included in all kinds of salami, chips, sausage, hot dogs, cans, prepared soups, beer, and many others. The safe dose is 1.5 grams daily for an adult and less than ½ gram for children.

Nowadays, 200 thousand tons of this supplement are used annually, and its overdose is known as “Chinese restaurant syndrome”. This condition has numerous adverse effects, like nausea, chest pain, migraine, sleepiness, dizziness, visual disturbances, hormonal imbalance, weakness, and more.

This substance was found in 1907 by Ikeda Kikunae, who experimented and discovered that this ingredient changes the taste of food. Despite altering the natural flavor, it also changes the taste and aroma of fast foods, cans, and frozen products.

Experts found that its addition to the food of lab rats led to the loss of their eyesight. Moreover, this toxin affects the tongue receptors, and its long time use leads to damaged food perception.

Yet, this ingredient is probably the main culprit for our unstoppable desire for chocolates, canned foods, chips, processed meat, and many others. Additionally, it causes addiction and that is why it is commonly used by larger food manufacturers, to increase the sale of their products.

They benefit from the use of E621, as it lowers the cost of production and gives a better taste to low-quality foods and ingredients. Therefore, the use of natural spices is completely safe and beneficial for you.

On the other hand, next time you intend to buy some of the foods mentioned to contain it, make sure you read the info given on the product packaging, and if this substance is included, you should avoid the product at any cost!

Source: www.finelivingadvice.com