This Company Infected Thousands Of Children With HIV, FDA Covered It Up

Bayer released HIV-contaminated painkiller pills although they were well aware of the contamination. It was a rather disturbing revelation, and the story was confirmed by The New York Times.

This is a clear proof that fat corporations can literally earn on someone’s death.

The whole thing started in 1984. Bayer sold over 100,000 vials of their painkillers, and the FDA approved this. The whole deal was worth about $4 million, and as you can see, it was all about profits.

Americans were actually lucky, because the painkillers weren’t sold in the US. Unfortunately, the painkillers ended in Argentina, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The deal got thousands of people killed, and another tens of thousands were infected with HIV. However, the company didn’t face any charges so far, but “health department leaders in Argentina, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore were all imprisoned.”

Guess what Bayer did…

“Decisions made nearly two decades ago were based on the best scientific information of the time and were consistent with the regulations in place,” stated the company.

And what did the FDA do?

Their officials worked overtime to conceal any tracks.

Dr. Harry M. Meyer, Jr. of the FDA asked officials to “quietly solve” the problem “without alerting Congress, the medical community, and the public.”

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