Company Creates Sword-Like Keys To Make Unlocking Doors A Fantasy Experience

There is something magical in the tales about fortresses, kings, and queens, and we have felt it since very young. The obsession with princes and princesses does not leave girls long after their teenage years, and many boys would gladly live in the times of the knights, battles, and castles of the Middle Ages.

A company called Hero’s Armory, started by Brian Hermansen & Blake Peel back in 2015, makes sword-shaped keys to help us feel a bit like that while unlocking our doors!

A company called Hero’s Armory makes sword-shaped keys inspired by various fantasy movies and video games

A Kickstarter campaign’s success helped the creation of the magnificent keys, and they are now available in 21 different designs, for $12.99.

You can also buy a combo set for between $24.99 and $32.99.

The sword-shaped keys were inspired by numerous fantasy movies and video games, like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, and Lord of the Rings.

The company’s website explains:

“As kids, we would often dream of fighting evil and saving the world, like our favorite heroes from television, movies & video games. As we got older, we were forced to grow up, but we never forgot those heroes that inspired us!

 The Key Armory was born out of wanting to hold onto something that constantly reminded us of our childhood heroes. Now you can unlock the hero within with your own sword key! Each key is expertly detailed and inspired by your favorite stories, compatible with most houses, offices, apartments & more!” 

Here is how it all works: you choose a blank design, and they assist you to find the one that is compatible with your key. Next, they send a blank, and you take it to a professional locksmith.

Yet, the company carries the two most common types of keys only, Kwikset & Schlage.

If you are using a different key, you can check the other products by the company, like USB drives, tie clips, bottle openers, and many more.

And they are all brilliant!

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