Common Vintage Tool Is Puzzling Everyone. Can You Guess What It Was Used For?

Times change fast, so new generations often have trouble guessing the use or even the name of a device that was regularly used not so long ago!

Just think about it: our kids have no idea why we say “dial a phone number”!

In the last half a century, the world has changed big time!

So, a photo of a tool that was once often used stumped even those with the longest of memories!

Do you, by any chance, know its name and purpose?

The picture of the vintage tool was shared on the nostalgia website Do You Remember, and people believed it was a gardening tool, due to its scoop-like appearance with a sharper piece on the inside.

However, it turns out, it is not a type of trowel!

In the photo, it seems like a hand-held object, as a result of the shape of the handle, and the estimated size.

Some guessed that perhaps it was used sea-side to open up clams. Yet, they were wrong too!

The Oil Spout

Namely, this vintage “tool” is not actually a tool.

It is an oil spout!

Oil came in cans prior to the creation of plastic bottles, and these cans were difficult to pour from.

Therefore, these oil spouts were made to be inserted for a spill-free pour.

They were made to be reused, so there are actually many of them still kicking around. People most often used them when they would go fill up at the gas station.

An attendant then poured oil from the can into the tank using the oil spout. Afterward, they would throw the can away but keep the tool to use for subsequent customers.

Nowadays, oil spouts are a mere relic of the past days.

However, the photo of one of them surely helped us enjoy a quick dive into history!